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Ask Any Garage Door Related Questions

9th Apr 2013 | by: 911 Garage Doors

We offer a large collection of various types of new garage doors. By picking a home garage door from our gallery, you are accomplishing more than making a venture. You are making us a piece of your everyday life and depending on us for your wellbeing, security and reliable operation. Consequently, we'll help you open the garage door — a quality door to appealing architectural alternatives and improved features of wellbeing that lavishly furnish your home.

likewise, 911 Garage Doors are vitality proficient, a genuine profit when you believe that your door is the biggest opening in your home. 911 Garage Doors can help reduce your warming and cooling expenses, and enhance the solace of your home by providing two sorts of garage door protection, which could wither be polyurethane or polystyrene and an additional scope of protected glass,. We can help you pick the appropriate door sort that fits your environment and the protection you need.


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    Tom Lous


    What’s the difference between chain drive, screw drive, and belt drive?

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      911 Garae Doors


      Chain-driven operators are the oldest type of openers. They have a chain circling two metal sprockets, pulley connecting the chain from it both ends and that pulley pulls the door open or closed. This type of openers is very reliable, but with one disadvantage, they are louder than their belt or screw drive openers.!

      Screw drive units are also very reliable like the chain drive openers and too require regular maintenance treatment (oiling and greasing al of the moving parts at least once a year). Screw drive openers thou are indeed much quieter than the chain drive units.

      The belt driven openers are the ultimate choice for most of our customers. These units have no metal on metal contact, which makes them very quiet and maintenance free.

      • Tom Lous


        Well, I have a carriage house door. It is an 18’ wide by 8’ high. In the last 6 years, I had to replace two belt drive openers.

  • 911 Garage Doors


    For any carriage house door, we would recommend using a ¾ Hp. Chain drive opener. In your case, you might have another problem with the balance of your door. Please call us: at 408 707-3399, so we could help to troubleshoot and find a solution for you.

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