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Here are some of the frequently asked questions that might help you. If you did not have your question answered, please feel free asking us any garage door repair related questions by filling the form on the right side.

General Questions

What cites do you serve?
Answer is: We service he southern San Francisco bay area that includes but not limited to cities: San Jose, Sunnyvale, Saratoga, Mountain View, Los Altos, Los Gatos, Milpitas, Fremont, Hayward and More... Please call us for more information at 408-707-3399
Are you working on Holidays and weekends?
Yes, we work on most Holidays and weekends.
Do you charge a service fee for just to come out?
It is free in case you have a free in-home inspection coupon, you submitted a free coupon form, or we had agreed for a free in-home estimate over the phone. In Any other case, we charge $49 Monday through Friday 7am to 5pm. After hours, Weekends or Holidays our service fee is $89.
Do you offer a lifetime warranty?
Yes, for some products we do offer a lifetime warranty. We offer large range of products or replacement part options to our clients, some are more affordable than the others, warranty options may depend on customer’s choice of the product.

Technical Questions

My opener makes nose, but the door is not moving?
Answer is: Make sure that the emergency release has not been disengaged (red cord on the carriage). If everything is in normal operating mode, than depending on an opener model usually on chain or belt drives you might look at a worn-out gear. On screw-drive models, it could be a worn-out carriage. In both cases you will have to replace the broken parts.
My garage door reverses and opens back when I try to close it?
There are two possible reasons:
1.The first reason could be that your safety sensors are not aligned or not installed properly. Sun light can blind the sensors and cause the malfunction.
2.High resistance of the door or incorrect close force settings on the garage door opener (usually happens after new springs are installed)
My door will not open! What should I do?

If you will try to open your door forcefully, without troubleshooting the problem first, you might end up causing irreparable damages to your garage door.

First, try opening your door manually, to rule out the broken spring case scenario. Pull down the red emergency release cord and try lifting up the door. If it rolls all the way up smoothly with no effort then the problem is in your operator. Otherwise, you probably have a broken spring or a snapped cable and in that case please call a professional.

Operator troubleshooting: Make sure your garage operator has power. You should see indication lights on your unit, on the safety sensors, or on your keypad. If no lights are working, please connect any other device to the same outlet that powers your operator. In case you do not have power in that outlet, please check your breaker panel (if problem not solved call an electrician). If you do have power, then there is a possible gear, fuse, or a control board failure.

My door opens up by itself when I am not home.

There might be someone in your neighborhood with a similar transmitter frequency. Depending on your unit, make, and model, it is possible to reset all remotes and change receivers’ frequency. Otherwise, we can install an external receiver with encrypted signal.

We could also install a smart Wi-Fi controller that will allow you to control your garage door from your smartphone. With this option, you can always see if your door is closed or open and receive notifications every time someone opens or closes your garage door.