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Garage door spring replacement san jose ca
spring replacement service in san jose ca

Garage Door Spring Replacement Service In San Jose CA

Do you need to replace your garage door springs? Then, you have come to the right place. We, at 911 Garage Doors , provide garage door spring replacement services in San Jose, and with years of experience, we are committed to providing top-notch services that are sure to satisfy all your needs.

Where are the springs located?

Torsion bar that holds the springs located above the garage door. It has 1 or 2 springs depending upon the size of your door. You can visually inspect the springs to see if one of them or both are broken. When spring brakes, you will see 2 pieces. One will be considerably shorter than the other. If there is a broken spring, do not attempt to open the door. The door is heavy and it will get damaged.

Now that you have determined that your spring is broken, it is time to call your localGarage Door Spring Replacement San Jose CA and get it fixed today. In Case, you would like to get an exact price for the job over the phone, we will need to know the length, diameter of the spring, and the gauge of the coil.

To determine the length of the spring, measure both parts—the broken piece and the spring itself. If it is a 2 car garage, measure the unbroken spring, as well. The reason that it is best to measure both springs is that the springs have been under pressure throughout their life and can warp (stretch).

Next, you need to measure the diameter of the spring. This can be achieved by measuring from side-to-side at its widest point—through the center. Then you will measure 10 to 20 coils to get the gauge (size) of the spring the coil.


Why we need that information

In order to choose the right replacement spring, we need to know all these measurements. The springs length, diameter, and gauge can vary due to weight or manufacturer. There is no one-size fits all when you're dealing with garage doors. We will also need to know about the garage door. How thick is your door? What is the door’s height and weight, and does it have window panes, or is it solid? All of things will determine the amount of weight the spring must carry. We will make sure you get the right “Garage Door Spring Replacement” for your door.

Depending upon the type of spring, it will have gone through 10-thousand to 12 or 15-thousand cycles. If you have a two-spring system, then both of your springs have likely been replaced at the same time in the past. That means that the second spring is at the end of its life span capacity as well. To save time , money , and a second repair call, we recommend replacing both springs at the same time.

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