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Please Read Our Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Statement for 911 Garage Door We at 911 Garage Doors take superior care in protecting your privacy. Your personal privacy is never compromised. The information we receive from you is kept confidential and private. We don’t give out your information for advertising regardless of the motivations of the advertiser. 911 Garage doors is the leader in protecting all your information with the most up to date technology and procedures. There are no connections to advertisers for the sake of selling you something you didn't inquire about.

Collection of information

911 Garage Doors collects only personally identifiable information (PII) under those conditions and the laws set forth by the United States. This privacy law protects your information that is given out to other parties. The information is used on its own to identify a certain individual. Some examples are; full name, Social Security number, date of birth and address. The recording of phone conversations may be used for quality assurance. Notification to the consumer will be stated beforehand. The information can be used to identify our services and for marketing evaluation to help us better understand our services.

How the information we collect is used

The use of personally identifiable information (PII) is only used by us to see how well services are and advertising performs set forth by our policies and regulations. There is no use of your information by unaffiliated third parties or for their correspondence to you. This includes sharing, renting or selling of any voluntary information provided by you.

The sharing of Information

The information you provide may be shared voluntarily to our subcontractors. We may also share the information with companies that work for us and only when necessary. We make sure that any third parties do not share your information with anybody by putting certain policies in place. We will not share your email or phone conversations, except to the advertiser and third party affiliations only when necessary. Your personal information set forth in our policies may be disclosed when required by law. This would include unlawful acts committed like activities related to suspicion of fraud, injuries related to our rights or property and threats to an individual’s physical safety. The (PII) information would be used to investigate, prevent these activities from happening or to take action against suspected case.

Policy changes on personal information (PII)

We can make changes to our privacy policies including updates over time. Please refer to this page for any of those changes and check from time to time. We will also make sure to notify our clients in the event of any changes. Our main concern is to protect the privacy of our clients at all times.

You can update your information at any time, including deleting or deactivating any information with us.

You may also choose to discontinue any future correspondence with us.

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